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Rajshre PVC Sheets  
Features Applications Manufacturing of PVC sheet

Rajshri PVC Sheet is a 100% plastic sheet which is foamed using chemicals so as to make it light weight and give it a silky matt surface finish. It is easy to fabricate and available in various sizes and colours.

Rajshri PVC Sheet is an innovative product, which can be used for various applications depending upon the creativity and imagination of the user. Some of the applications are Doors, Doorframes, Door Cladding,Windows, Kitchen Shutters, Bathroom Cabinets, Concrete Shuttering, Wardrobes, Wall Panelling, Partitions, False ceiling etc.

  Rajshri PVC Sheet has all the advantages of plastic materials such as     Rajshri PVC Sheet can be fabricated using conventional
wood working tools. It can be easily
100% Moisture proof  
Sawn, nailed and screwed
100% Termite proof and borer free  
Planed and chiseled
Flame retardent and self extinguishing  
Heat bent and thermoformed
Unbreakable and Shatter proof  
Painted using PVC, ' Duco ' and acrylic paint
Weather proof and Maintenance free  
Stuck to itself using PVC solvent cement
Chemical and Stain resistant  
Bonded to plywood and laminates with rubber adhesive or solvent adhesive
Light weight and non warping  
Bonded to metal, acrylic and other substrates using epoxy, polyurethane or cyanoacrylate based adhesives
Silky matt surface finish  
Screen printed using PVC inks with reducer
Advertising Grade Sheets Building Grade Sheets Door Cladding Sheets
Crafted Sheets Decorative PVC Door Skins



Doors Door Frames Window Cupboard Kitchen Cabinets False Ceiling Wall Panelling Partitions